Monday, June 9, 2008

My Very First Ever Apron

At family reunion this summer, we decided to do an apron swap! I have been wanting to do one for a LONG time. But the mail system where I live doesn't really work all that smoothly. It seems to be ok for letters, but I have not succesfully received a package. Anyway... I am really excited about our family apron swap. This is my first ever attempt at making and apron. I wasn't sure where to start. But then I saw a couple of postings on my aunt and cousins blogs about using denim and I just happened to have an old pair of jeans... and I just went from there. The design of this apron is all my own, trail and error. I really hope that the person I am making it for loves it! (And doesn't look to closely at the execution!! LOL)

I took and cut the leg off my old jeans, then unpicked the side seam. I cut off the bottom hem and evened up the sides. The bottom hem of the leg became the top of the apron. The pocket on the front is divided with a pencil slot in the center. I also ended up putting some darts in the top of the apron to keep it from gapping open. (And the best part was I didn't mess it up!!)

The straps cross in the back and then loop through at the waist and tie in the back.

I used the belt loops off the jeans to run the straps through at the waist. I thought it was quite ingenious. However, my sewing machine tried to argue with me about it. I think it worked out ok in the end though.

So what do you think of my first ever made from scratch apron?

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Bag...

I really love the bag that Rachel brought me from Chile. The only problem is that I washed it. And so now I am going to have to rebuild it. But while I am working on fixing it, I needed something else to use. So after much intense thought and trial and error, I made my own version of the bag.

It has all my favorite features from the bag Rach gave me. The zippered pocket that goes all the way down the back. (And yes people, that is my first ever zipper installation that wassn't in a home ec class!)

It took me almost a full week of thought and trial runs with scrap fabric to figure out some of the techniques for this bag. It is completely lined. (The bad Rach gave me isn't lined on the back of the zipper pocket.) That took some figuring out.

And I ran the strap all the way under the bag to give it better support. I tend to load my bags up here. Carry everything but the sink.